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Swing rides were present at the earliest amusement parks. At Idora Park in Oakland, California, in 1908, the ride was called the Flying Swing, but appears to be the same principle.

The Chair-O-Planes premiered in Germany in 1972, designed by Zierer and built by Franz Schwarzkopf, brother of Anton Schwarzkopf. In 1974 the first portable unit debuted under the same partnership. Since then Zierer has built about 200 units. Other manufacturers have followed creating their own versions of the Chair-O-Planes including ZamperlaChance Rides, Grover Watkins, BertazzonPreston & BarbieriVekoma and Sanoyas Hishino Meisho.

In the late 2000s, Australian manufacturer Funtime developed the world's first tower swinger known as the Star FlyerMondial followed with their WindSeeker resulting in a lawsuit between the two companies. Zamperla also sell a Vertical Swing.

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